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Services - Centre Kotoriba

Nursing home Bistričak in Kotoriba is registered for doing the business of permanent accommodation (Law of social care, NN 57/11) within which are offered following services:

  1. Accommodation and nutrition
  2. Healthcare and user’s care (bathing, feeding)
  3. Social work services
  4. Psycho-social rehabilitation
  5. Occupational therapy
  6. Physical therapy
  7. Organized spending of spare time
  8. Care of mobile, semi-mobile and immobile persons
  9. Care of psychologically ill adults
  10. Care of persons with psycho-organic changes
  11. Services of washing and glazing of personal and linens
  12. Visit of a priest if requested
  13. Preparation of decedent for funeral

Upon the user’s request, nursing home staff will organize and offer following additional services:

  1. Organization and trips upon the user’s request
  2. Celebration organization of name days, birthdays and other celebrations upon user’s request
  3. A la carte meals
  4. Review of specialist doctor according to user’s wishes
  5. Hairstylist, cosmetician, pedicure services, etc.

Accommodation centers

Nursing home for adults Bistričak is located in the small, picturesque place named Jalžabet in Varaždin county, distanced only 15 kilometres away from Varaždin itself, with which it shares bus and railway transport lines. The nursing home has been functioning since 1998. The vision of the nursing home employees is to create caring, responsible and professional relationship towards its users, which is the result of the continuous professional development...


Branch of Nursing home Bistričak is located in the place called Brlog, on the edge of the Gacka valley in the Ličko-senjska County. It is located 14 kilometres from Otočac, by which it has transport connections by bus. The nursing home is located in a newly-built facility, functioning since 2006. In our community, we offer social services to adults with mental damages and psycho-organic changes, as well as to persons which require increased care.


Nursing home Kotoriba is located in the centre part of Kotoriba in Međimurje county in the basin of the river Mura, on the boundary with the Republic of Hungary. Its traffic is associated by bus and railway connection with Čakovec, Koprivnica, Varaždin. The vision of the nursing home staff is to create caring and responsible relationship with the nursing home users, ensure their comfortable surroundings in which they will feel safety and atmosphere like at home.


Communal housing

Jalžabet - Otočac



Encouraged by legal regulations in our country, EU and UN decisions, we have been trying to carry out a project of deinstitutionalization of persons with mental disabilities in the form of communal housing in our facility for years. Based on the positive experience from the branch Otočac where we had organized housing for two people, we have requested permission for an object of a kind in Jalžabet.



In 2013, we started a project on organized housing in Otočac. The housing unit is located in the sole centre of Otočac within the apartment building. Two users, which have been in the apartment from the beginning, are functioning very well and are making significant progress. Accommodation for another user has been requested. In the beginning, users have ensured 24-hour support, but it decreases with time...


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